Saturday, May 7, 2011



After the warning launched Thursday by the President Martelly to the CEP, the President-elect had said on the sidelines of his discourse "If there are people who are not happy that Michel Martelly is President, and if they think that they will break what we will do, we tell them that they are making ​​a mistake, they are making a big mistake, a big fault. [...] everybody who is in our route, be careful, they are violating the law. We make elections and the names change! We will conduct investigations and those responsible will pay. So, forewarned is forearmed..."

Reacting to the words of Michel Martelly, Sen. Joseph Lambert declared this Friday that "The threats of President Martelly remain purely and simply threats, except that the tone he used in his threats, it is as if he extended them to all of a set of people and more particularly to the parliamentarians. If it's a declaration of war then it's welcome and secondly we believe that the members of the Provisional Electoral Council as well as a set of senior state officials, are liable to the High Court of Justice, so that the High Court of Justice in ruling on a person there must be an indictment before the Chamber of Deputies up to two thirds; and therefore, we say that if Mr. Michel Martelly, the President-elect, estimates that he wants to take legal action against any authority at this level he will have to follow the procedure outlined by the constitution of my country." He suggests that there could be serious consequences for the country in a case of confrontation between the Executive and Legislative branches.

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