Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photos - scanner dedication - part 3

This marching group marched well as a group.

The marchers continued their march down the street followed by the crowd of admirers. We started to head back to Kimosabee.

I noticed this man with a decorative crooked walking stick! He was wearing a shirt which on the back read "1804-2004" which was the 200th anniversary of the country of Haiti. It was good to see the Haitian people celebrating the 207th anniversary this year. Pray for Haiti as it continues on its way down a road that in its history and like the walking stick in this photo has had many curves. Pray the country can follow a "straight" route to devolopment.

Last week was a week of special celebrations. On Friday May 20th there was a special event held at the Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital. A dedication of the new cat scan machine was held. The cat scan was donated to Project Medishare by Wycleff Jean, through his charitable organization Yele Haiti. The new Haitian president, Michel Martelly was also going to be part of the dedication ceremony. One of the hydrocephalus children who lives here at our house Jansika, was selected to be one of the 5 celebrity hydrocephalus children to meet the president and Wycleffe Jean.

This is the special customized trailer built to house the cat scan machine and other equipment.

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