Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photos - inauguration day - part 6

These 2 boys were also trying to get at the rebar in the rubble.

This man holding his young girl came up to us to show his daughters' scars caused by falling rubble during the earthquake. He is a widow. His wife died during the earthquake. He lives with his young daughter in a tent on the street near the cathedral. He asked for food for his daughter. I felt sorry for the guy and gave him some money to help him out (out of sight from the other people nearby).

Pretty soon the only thing left of the cathedral will be memories and pictures. I am glad to have pictures to remember it by.

It will be interesting to see how much time it takes to build a modern cathedral.

The cross at the front of the cathedral stood strong during the earthquake; just like the crosses of other churches that collapsed. The building may collapse but the "church" and the "gift" of Jesus at the cross won't. Pray for the work of the church here in Haiti.

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