Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photos - inauguration day - part 2

Michel Martelly lives in the Petionville area of Port-au-Prince. There is a "Club Tet Kale" (Baldy Club") that has been set up. Some decorative artwork is on the walls around the front of the club.

Calens is standing in front of a portrait of Toussaint Louverture. Haiti has some talented artists.

Another wall has the 3 leaders of the U.S.A. (Barack Obama), Haiti (Michel Martelly), and France (Nicholas Sarkozy). At the top it reads "Peace, Love, Progress". Pray that the world may work together to help the leader of Haiti help his people.

Here is the baldy himself, Michel Martelly.

Another interesting sign that we saw by the intersection of Delmas 40B and Pan American was a sign that read: "Exclusion - No; Accessability - Yes". Pray that as the country rebuilds that the Haitian leadership doesn't forget to make Port-au-Prince more accessable to the handicapped.

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