Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photos - inauguration day - part 3

A lot of work was done over the last week on the grounds of the Palais Nationale. This is where the inauguration was held. Representatives from different countries attended the installation of the new president. The Catholic Church also conducted an inauguration service (notice the cross to the right of the picture). Normally, inauguration services for presidents are conducted at the Cathedral but the cathedral was destroyed during the earthquake.

You can see the collapsed presidential palace in the background. The grandstands were built on the lawn in front of the palace.

This is another view of the collapsed palace from the right side of the cross. The lawn was neatly cut.

On the public park (refuge camp) across the street from the palace grounds was a banner meant for Martelly that translated into english reads: "It is necessary that you are a president who had character and authority".

Another banner reads: " President, you are a servant of the people. Don't ever forget that". The people of Haiti have been discouraged in the past with leaders who they feel don't represent their interests. Pray for Martelly, that he be "a servant of the people".

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