Sunday, March 28, 2010

photos - various - part 4

Kim put some children's packs together and also got some sandals as well. We distributed some of them in Jonel's area. At first things went well and then we were swamped. Fathers of children would force their way to the front to get something for their child. We packed up and left before things got too hectic and pushy.

This girl was happy to get her package and a pair of sandals.

This week we were blessed with a food donation from Love a Child of Feed My Starving Children rice meals. With this assistance we are able to reach out to the community and provide some food assistance to them.

Rudy's mother came up to me this week to give me a gift of a rooster as a thank you for helping her son. I couldn't refuse it and I told her thanks! She told me to keep it safe in my room and I told her that that wouldn't be a good place for it. I gave the responsibility of the rooster care to Johnny. He complained to me telling me that it wasn't fair because we just recently ate the children's pet chicken and I made him get read of the younger ones. I told him to fatten the rooster quickly so we could eat it.

We saw this banner "Ann Leve Kanpe" (Arise, Stand Up) on this wall in Petionville.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rooster story. What a predicament! I love your humor.