Sunday, March 7, 2010

photos - various - part 5

Pastor Octave's church is across the street from us. They put up their roof on the supports that are standing. The walls of the church are down. It is good that the people can still meet together.
We would like to help him rebuild his church if we can.

** GRAPHIC PHOTO - the next photo is graphic. If you don't want to see it scroll past it.**

This is street justice in our neighborhood post-earthquake. This thief was killed by the people or the "Brigade Civile". His hands were bound, and then he was killed and he was left near our street corner by the ravine and garbage. The body was removed by the police later in the day.

This is the new police station in the wharf area of Cite Soleil. Spray painted on the walls is "Please USA help us". There is a lot of garbage along the side of the road on the main road of Cite Soleil. Hopefully it will be picked up soon.

On the road near the wharf are large "earthquake cracks". This boy is riding his bicycle over one.

In one of the poorest sections of Cite Soleil - Ti-Ayiti this young man is teaching this girl how to ride a bicycle. Pray for improvements for the lives of the people who live in Cite Soleil.

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