Friday, March 19, 2010

photos - various - part 5

We now have a new barbecue! It has been very useful. Chris is a chef and has come up with all kinds of good meals while he has been here. Chris and Angela left this week after being here for around 6 weeks. They were a big help here helping out with medical care and other things.

The next work team will be arriving on Wednesday. In preparation we bought 1,500 cement blocks to rebuild the dormitory.

On Wednesday we removed the 3 tents from the front yard and I moved back into the house to sleep along with Manu and Benson. I just pray every night for the ceiling not to cave in with an earthquake!

With the money that Len left we went and bought a television set. It is small and portable. We watched our first dvd in a couple of months that night. It is great to spend some relaxing time watching a good program. The first program we watched was a movie of Jackie Chan!

The refuge camps are starting to get supplied with Port-a-Potties. This one is right on Delmas 31. Handy for anyone who would like to make a "Pit Stop".

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Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy mezami....great movie selection!!!
Jackie Chan