Tuesday, March 23, 2010

photos - various - part 3

Mothers are desperate to find shelter for their children. We were able to give these mothers a tarp for shelter. They were thankful to receive them.

With the tarps we handed out mosquito nets as well. One of the worries of health workers is malaria, especially during the upcoming rainy season.

Good lodging is a premium here in Port-au-Prince. This "blanc" pitched a tent on top of the police station in front of the "Palais National." He has a room with a view!

We were blessed with another opportunity to hold a medical clinic here at Coram Deo. Teachers and some students at Sherri's school helped with translating. Mr. Charles is one of the teachers at Sherris' school. He recently took a helicopter ride with a german pilot to go to the hospital in Milot for an orthopedic problem.

Mr. Emmanuel is Manu's teacher at Sherri's school. He helped to translate too. Manu is in grade 4.

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