Tuesday, March 23, 2010

photos - various - part 1

The organization Aimer Haiti has a hospital set up in the Bojeux Parc (which is a fun park for children) in the Tabarre area. We have not used these facilities yet for people who have come to us for help.

Near the US Embassy we were surprised to see a mobile Dominos' wagon. I couldn't believe it! Dominos is expensive so we don't eat there but this is a step forward for Haiti to see a mobile pizza wagon!

Instead of going to Dominos I took the guys to Epi Dor for our fast food fix. The hamburgers and fries taste good here. A nice change from beans and rice! Epi Dor is a busy place. We saw a few other "blancs" while we were there.

The Delmas 31 bridge was damaged by the earthquake and with the rains it is slowly disappearing into the ravine.

I wonder how many more rainstorms it will take before the Delmas 31 bridge will no longer be in existence.

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