Tuesday, March 23, 2010

photos - various - part 2

This is the Coram Deo campground! Until the new dormitory is built this is home for the residents who live here.

Claudin is cutting Reginald's hair. The common practice is to use a razor blade. I don't know how they do it but they do a good job on their hair!

Rudy's family lives here at Coram Deo while Rudy and his father are in the United States. Davidson helps out by selling candies and cookies in front of the gate to passersby in order to earn money to support his family. The day I took this picture he had made sales of $4H or about $0.50US for the day. It was a slow day for business!

Benson and some of the students from his school are shown standing in front of the gate.

Luxamen Devallon and Manouchka Baptiste are former sponsor students of Coram Deo. They are both deaf and came by to visit and say hello.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Are there many deaf in Haiti? Did they relate how they experienced the earthquake? When I worked with the Christian deaf girls in my area several years ago and had them over to my house, the toilet was flushed and one girl became panicked thinking we were having an earthquake. When I asked why she thought so, she told me to feel the floor. Then I associated the toilet flushing with vibration, followed up with the verification of someone innocently walking out of the bathroom. That calmed her down. However, it raised the question for how the deaf in Haiti experienced the earthquake, as we are NOT in an earthquake zone. We have very light ones occasionally, not even 1 a year usually, so I'm not sure why the deaf girl was so panicked. Did your girls lose any family? How are they dealing with life now? Any special problems I could pray about? Also, did you communicate with them through sign language or on paper? Do they use ASL or something more primitive than that? Wait - ASL is American Sign Language...
~many prayers day and night ~Janet