Saturday, March 20, 2010

photos - clean up - part 3

The people of Fort National want their community back. They don't want to live in the refuge camps. They want a home. And they are doing their best to set up a home again. Pray for their efforts.

While we were in Fort National a Brazilian patrol walked by. Instead of guns they should have been carrying picks, and shovels to lend the community a hand. Haiti needs security but most importantly they need extra hands to help the people rebuild.

Leaving Fort National we started up Delmas 18 and saw lot of clean up activity there too.

Lots of young men with yellow t-shirts were hauling rubble from side streets.

On the backs of these t-shirts is the creole phrase "Ann Leve Kanpe" which translates as "Arise, Stand". This is what the Haitian people are trying to do.

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