Monday, March 15, 2010

photos - various - part 1

Rudy and his father are both in the United States. Rudy has Burkitts Lymphoma. His lymph nodes on the right side of his neck were so large that they were starting to affect his airway. The doctors at the University of Miami tent hospital at the airport were able to arrange treatment for him at Baptist Hospital in Miami. The United States military evacuated them. He is now receiving treatment for his cancer.

Praise the Lord! He is responding to treatment! His nodular tumors are shrinking as well as the mass in his abdomen and his spleen is returning to normal size. His kidneys and liver are also functioning better now. Keep Rudy in prayer. His family is living in our yard in a tent while Rudy and his father are in the United States. They are a great family.

It is difficult to see young amputees. Their lives have been changed overnight. Pray for all the newly handicapped caused by the earthquake.

Jean Joseph is a 45-year-old man who lives in Cite Soleil. He has lived his entire life with a cleft lip. Hopefully he will be able to get plastic surgery sometime in April. I am looking forward to seeing a changed face!

This young mother has a 5-month-old baby who weighs only 6 pounds. Dorothy of Faith, Hope, Love Infant Rescue took the baby and mother in for awhile to teach this young mother how to properly care for her infant. Pray for her efforts.


Anonymous said...

The house is looking great.
Thank you for your updates.
Looking forward to joining in with you in the near future and seeing everyone again. May God bless all
that is done in Haiti and remember
He is looking over all. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!!!!
Dan Vis & Family

Anonymous said...

Is that Rudy the boy we met in January?
O my goodness he look so good.
God Bless you for taking care that sweet boy .
He for sure didnt like needle he received first day he met Dr.Karen :)He kept showing me his behind was sore :)
I been checking all your updates ,nice to see all changes around the house.
God Bless you all !!!

Teresa C.