Friday, March 5, 2010

photos - medical clinics - part 6

We met Pastor Ramon a few weeks ago. He lives in the Soleil 17 area, the same area as the Maranatha church is located. This elderly woman has never attended church and he is inviting her to attend his. Pray for her that she understands the christian faith. She is 84 years old.

This is the view from the shore of Ti-Ayiti, at the back of Cite Soleil. The garbage that is there now is sad to see. The situation with the garbage has gotten a lot worse in Cite Soleil. Along the roadside there are piles of garbage waiting for garbage pickups that doesn't come. Every day the pile grows.

This grandmother brought her granddaughter to the clinic. It is a special occassion and a time to dress up in their Sunday best!

This boy was watching from the entrance to the church. He made a necklace out of elastic bands.

These children were watching from the back entrance of the church.

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