Sunday, March 7, 2010

photos - distribution - part 2

We have been distributing the tents that we received from "Canadian Tire". This mother and her baby were living under this plastic tarp in front of a church in our neighborhood. Now they have a tent to make them more comfortable.

This boy came by himself to the gate asking for help for his family. He said that they were getting wet every time it rained. We went to visit where he lives.

Their home was destroyed by the earthquake and it looks like they are going to try to rebuild on the same spot. Nobody knows how long people will need to live in tents. We gave his family a tent.

This is a view down our street the day of a distribution of water. Many people in the neighborhood ran to the truck hoping for cases of water.

In front of a house on our street food was being handed out. A crowd was gathered. Distributions are not easy to do. We have a taser and pepper spray just in case because we don't have security guards to help us.

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