Monday, March 15, 2010

photos - various - part 2

Manu doesn't enjoy washing his clothes but it is good that he learns. Notice the chicken in the background preparing to sneak into the house.

This chicken enjoys laying eggs in the pharmacy supplies. Here she is searching for a good place to lay an egg. Our problems are now over though. We ate her last Saturday and the guys sold the young chickens. Now the visitors only have to worry about the neighbors roosters that crow through the night.

The USNS Comfort Hospital ship can no longer be seen in the Port-au-Prince harbor. It has returned back to its' base. This hospital ship helped a lot of injured people from the earthquake. We give the Lord thanks for the rapid response from around the world at sending medical help for all the injured.

The fishermen of Cite Soleil continue on the same as they have always done. These are some of the boats along the waters' edge.

These men are keeping busy repairing their nets.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Manu it looks good on will help him later in life with the ladies.

Jackie Chan