Friday, March 26, 2010

photos - cite soleil clinic - part 5

AHNTSM (Association des Handicapes Nou Tout se Moun) translated as "We are all people handicapped association) is a group of about 350 members located in Cite Soleil. We hope to help advocate for this organization. There are several members who need wheelchairs and other care. Pray we can find people to help them.

Fouchay on the left and Zulu on the far right are a couple of young men that I know in the Ti-Ayiti section of Cite Soleil. Zulu got himself into a fight the prior night and needed stitches after being cut with a broken bottle. Pray for programs for the youth in Cite Soleil. There are a lot of young people who need direction in their lives.

When we went back to our vehicle in the wharf area this water truck was handing out water for free to the population. These children were having fun dumping buckets of water over themselves. It is difficult for missions to determine where the fine line is when assistance needs to stop and the population needs to carry on. Seeing children dump buckets of water over themselves maybe shows that the people are not that desperate for water assistance.

The Georgia medical team were all first timers to Haiti. From left to right are Bill (he is the only one from Florida), Melissa, Marty, Brent, Andrea and Leny. We give the Lord thanks for their assistance in providing medical care to the Haitian people.

Our water reservoir needs to be cleaned out periodically. The guys enjoyed doing this chore!

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