Wednesday, March 10, 2010

photos - various - part 3

This lady stopped me on the street on Monday and asked for some help. This baby boy was born on Friday and the mother abandoned him at the grandmother's house and went out to the province. Now the grandmother needs to care for him. We told her to go to see a doctor at a nearby medical clinic first and then come over to Coram Deo. The baby hadn't been fed any formula since birth. We had some and gave it to her. Hopefully she will come regularly so that we can monitor the development of this baby.

The grandmother does not want to place him in an orphanage. She hopefully will be able to look after him. When we asked her what is the baby's name she said that he didn't have one and asked us what name we would like to give him. We told her "William".

Bill now has another person in Haiti with his name!

On Sunday afternoon this lady's mission group from a local church was evangelizing on our street corner.

Michaelle Jean who is the Governor General of Canada visited Haiti on Monday and gave a speech on International Women's Day. This billboard speaks out against violence against women and against HIV/Aids in the Haitian community.

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