Friday, March 5, 2010

photos - medical clinics - part 3

This boy came to the clinic with an infection or something on his lips.

This girl is one of the "lost children" who is an earthquake orphan. She stepped on a sharp piece of steel and needed some stitches.

These young children are enjoying the riding toys. This is part of our clinic waiting room!

This mother is waiting for some medicine for her baby. A lot of worried mothers brought their babies to the clinic because they are sleeping outside. There are a lot of respiratory illnesses, and fevers going around.

These children are twins who are only 3 months old. They were born 1 month premature and at 3 months of age only weigh 6 pounds. Naphtalie is thriving better that Naphtalia. Dorothy of Faith, Hope, Love Infant Rescue is now looking after them for awhile because the mother isn't able to care for them properly. Pray for her efforts.

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