Friday, December 9, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Jacques Rousseau, the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communication (MTPTC), Williams A. Allonce, the director of the National Office of Cadastre (ONACA) and Jose Rosalvo Leitao De Almeida, representative of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency have signed an agreement for the delimitation of the Artibonite valley zone and the relocation of 300 families.

This contract of $350,000 is the initial phase of construction of a hydroelectric plant in the Artibonite valley near Mirebalais. This project has already been approved by the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly and of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.

The signing of the contract took place in the presence of Prime Minister Garry Conille, and the Brazilian Ambassador to Haiti, Mr. Igor Kipman.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to salute the friendship and the Brazilian brotherhood after the events of January 12, 2010 and of Brazil's commitment in the cooperation with Haiti.

The Brazilian diplomat, for his part, saluted the courage of the Haitian people and noted his optimism for the future.

... This project, for which the contract has been signed will extend over a period of 6 months. The first phase will last three months, and will consist of the delimitation of the Artibonite valley zone and the second, is the relocation of 300 families living in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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