Friday, September 30, 2011


Johnny and Amos asked me yesterday if I could help them find where the registration site was for the new Public Security Force that President Martelly wants to form. The guys had heard that it was somewhere in the Delmas 19 area.
I told them that I as a "blanc" wouldn't be a help to them as people on the street would probably not tell me. I told them to go see an ex-military member who works as security at the mayor's office. Sure enough their persistence paid off. Both Amos and Johnny have now handed in their applications and are hoping that they will be selected in the first recruitment. I asked them if there were a lot of people there signing up and they told me no. They only saw older people. They thought that they were all ex-military. Pray for Johnny and Amos as they seek to serve their country. They have the desire to change their country for the better and want to be a part of this change.

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