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Haiti - Politic : Martelly to the UN - Speech
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This afternoon, Michel Martelly stood at the rostrum of the United Nations, as part of the 20th plenary meeting of the Sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. We present you the highlights of his speech...

During his speech, the President Martelly first greeted the President of the General Assembly, the Secretary General, the Heads of State and of Governments. Then he congratulated the President on his election as President of the 66th ordinary Session of the General Assembly. Michel Martelly exalted the quality of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and praised his dynamism and deep wisdom.

He then sent a fraternal salute to the sister republic of South Sudan which declared its independence on July 9th, 2011. He said that he shares their pride and he transmitted the congratulations and wishes of peace, happiness and prosperity on behalf of the Republic of Haiti.

"... I prostrate myself before the memory of all combatants of this cause mowed down by fate on the eve of seeing this new sun on this part of Africa, "said the President of Haiti.

"Mr. President by speaking to you today on behalf of Haiti, I want to add my voice to that of other member countries, who like us, know the management of the heavy burden of post-disaster and post-conflict situations; to say that the weakest, most vulnerable still have hope. They hold onto the hope of rebirth..."

"... in the case of Haiti, it is precisely because an entire people has had the intimate conviction that I was elected with a specific mandate, that of materializeing change..."

"...Mr. President, I can tell you that when unfortunately, in a southern country whose Human Development Index is already a concern as a major disaster occurs; then arises very suddenly all the questions of responsibilities [...] I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of the countries concerned to research and find possible solutions because all those that are imposed; generous or not, will only produce in the medium-term adverse effects. It belongs to the people of the south to decide on their wealth, their raw materials and their destiny."

" the case of Haiti, I must say that the international community through the United Nations, by accompanying six months after the earthquake the presidential elections that were at risk has understood the urgency. I thank it, but firmly I believe it would be irresponsible [...] to deprive a country of aid, of expertise, of the cooperation of sister Nations [...]"

Concerning the Minsutah, President Martelly declared "... we welcomed with relief the first day. The mission in the medium term is out of breath. Why? Because among other things the expectations of the host countries are oversized and also because the missions can not change [...] It is a pity, because there is nothing more irresponsible and dangerous than to let go of a mission without an effective national alternative.

"...I am aware that unacceptable blunders have marred the prestige of the mission, but the trees should not hide the forest..."

"...I think that political stabilization goes through several stages. It can not be reduced to a simple peacekeeping force or as an observer role more or less neutral..."

President Martelly mentioned his "four major axes:" education, employment, environment and the rule of law. How do you build peace without a basic universal education that is free in a country where illiteracy is strongly present? How do you promote sustainable development without a quality education? [...] We can speak of human dignity, human rights, stability and peace, but an empty stomach has no ears. It is therefore through the creation of decent jobs, with fair pay, which respects the rights of vulnerable groups; that justice begins [...]"

"...there will be no peace in the world as long as the living environment, of countries like mine are degraded..." added Michel Martelly.

"...the construction of a rule of law, [...] implies among other things, a justice that is strong, independent and responsible..."

"...Mr. President, the world will only be more beautiful when the "I condemn and I accuse" will be silent. Haiti can testify, but Haiti can also say that in the post-disaster support the disbursement of funds that escape the complexity and lengthy procedures remains the most appropriate, when these procedures are accompanied..., allowing the countries concerned, to appropriate the strategic initiative for their own destiny"

" is be desirable that the promises become realities, that the reconstruction projects become realities..."

" would be very sad if the left hand would regain what the right hand gave, and this temptation exists. It is the result of a difficult global economic situation... but again only the truth should prevail.... while reconstruction awaits, the wait can become impatient and damaging."

" the case of Haiti [...] the will for the United Nations, for the Nations Friends; is to help us to rebuild, to reconstruct more than a physical space... to rebuild men and women."

"...the people of Haiti jointly address this rostrum of the United Nations a clear message. As long as there are men and women; men and women of good will; there is hope. As long as there are united nations; ... jointly there is hope; because as we in Haiti know [...] we have had the pandemic, hunger, exclusion... But Haiti is now standing; standing ready to be rebuilt, ready for a fresh start. HAITI KAMPE TET KALE..."

"...there is no fatalism. It is this new Haiti that is open to the world. It is this new Haiti that is open to investment, reconstruction, dialogue and peace. It is this new Haiti that tells you thank you."

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