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The University of the Aristide Foundation (UNIFA), founded February 14, 2001, which is located in Tabarre will resume its activities on Tuesday, September 27; activities that it had suspended following the forced departure of President Aristide into exile on Feb. 29, 2004. Courses will begin for the first time at the Faculty of Medicine of UNIFA. On Friday the results of the entrance examinations were published. 126 students passed the entrance examination out of 1000 candidates.

UNIFA courses will be provided by a series of Haitian and Cuban teachers. Medical students will follow an intensive Spanish course. Dr. Paul Farmer, Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, has for his part made a significant contribution to promote the opening of the medical school.

In addition, medical students of the UNIFA will be able to practice at the University Hospital PIH/ZL-MSPP of Mirebalais, Central Plateau, which is scheduled to open early 2012.

Dr. Farmer is also committed to promote institutional linkages between the University of Cambridge (Ma) and the University of the Aristide Foundation.

Learn more about the University of the Aristide Foundation (UNIFA)
The University of the Aristide Foundation (UNIFA) is a non-profit institution. It is part of the works of the Foundation called the Aristide Foundation, whose founder Dr. Jean Bertrand Aristide gave birth to in March 8, 1996. This gigantic human enterprise whose core strategic objective is to involve Haiti in universal enrichment. Thus, the UNIFA is the latest sister institution created by the Aristide Foundation. Founded February 14, 2001 and legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, it is without political affiliation and ideology. It aims for the search for truth and the promotion of humanity.

On the academic side, the UNIFA is organized into faculties and departments. Health, Law, Education, Communication, Management and Environment Sciences are among the first areas of intervention envisaged by UNIFA. The Faculty of Health Sciences, whose School of Medicine is the first functional entity. Other schools can, based on the need, be created; such as Pharmacy, Oral Medicine, dentistry, biomedical and paramedical sciences, a nursing school and an Institute of Physical Education and of rehabilitation.

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