Thursday, September 29, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Senator Joseph Lambert, whose term ends in 2012, leader of the majority in the Senate [G16], said yesterday on a radio station in the capital that he wished to hold a ministerial a ministerial position in the next government. Recalling that on Thursday, a meeting is scheduled between the G16 and Dr. Garry Conille, he indicated that the issue of the sharing of responsibilities is at the heart of this meeting. Refusing to provide details of the ministerial positions that could be granted to members of the G16,..... he assured that the Senators of the G16 will be part of the next government team...

Because of his experience in the territorial collectivities, his first choice is the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities (MICT), but if this is impossible, Senator Lambert indicated that he's ready to assume the position of the Ministry of Environment... if this ministry is offered to him and his team gives him its approval. "In this regime or another, I think I can continue to serve my country as Minister of one of these two institutions... The issue of environment seriously concerns me..."

Concerning the positions in the Senate on the ratification of Dr. Garry Conille, the Senator provides for a "heated" debate during the ratification meeting, which could take place next Monday. He declared that the choice of Dr. Conille is problematic for some Senators, but "we can not speak of dissent. The senators opposed to any neoliberal policies are hostile to Mr. Conille [...] At the level of the G16, we did not yet agree on the choice of a new Prime Minister..." but he assured that he will do everything possible to ensure that there is a consenus within the G16, adding that "The block will remain united in spite of everything..."

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