Thursday, September 29, 2011


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On page 19 of a presentation document of 22 pages (project), produced by the Commission of Defence and National Security of the Presidential Cabinet, entitled "Policy of defence and national security - The Great axes", dated August 2011, there is a governmental draft decree aiming for the remobilization of the military component of the public force.

Michel Joseph MARTELLY
President of the Republic

Considering articles 143, 159.1, 263, 263.1, 264, 264.1, 264.2, 265, 266, 267, 267.2, 267.3, 267.4, 267.5, 268, 268.3 of the Constitution

Considering that all the Armed Forces are an essential body of a sovereign State

Considering that the FADH is one of the sovereign institutions of the State whose existence is explicitly provided for by our Constitution

Considering that the arbitrary, unconstitutional and illegal demobilization of FADH in 1995 has seriously destabilized the country resulting in the use of troops of friendly Powers of Haiti to ensure its security and maintain its stability

Considering that the task currently devoted to foreign troops in Haiti is the role of the National Armed Forces and that such a situation is an anomaly that seriously undermines the best interests of the Nation

Considering that if the presence of foreign troops in Haiti since 1994 responded to certain contingencies imperative for that the hour, it does not constitute a situation of normality and must necessarily be limited in time

Considering that in the perspective of a scheduled departure of foreign troops of the country, it is necessary to prepare the National Forces to take over

Considering that the former police missions assigned by the military regulations to members of the Armed Forces were in conflict with the training received at the centers of instruction and that the execution of such missions has significantly harmed the image of the military institution

Considering that the excesses which some members of the military institution have engaged should be considered as an attempt to pervert the military ideal, but that this can not challenge the principle of utility of a military Force as a vector of order, of discipline and of development

Considering that the country has had, during its history, two painful experiences of illegal demobilization of its Armed Forces, which have left very deep and painful scars in the Haitian society;

Considering that it is appropriate to rehabilitate the members of the Armed Forces illegally demobilized, both morally and materially, of the arbitrary, unconstitutional and illegal act that we can only wither;

Considering that it is important to restore the national honor, to recover the full sovereignty and political independence, and to this end specifically, we must have all the suitable and necessary instruments;

Considering that any military Institution remains the guardian of fundamental values of a nation and one of the major structures of ascent and social promotion for young people, especially those of the middle class poor;


Article 1- Is and remains reported the Decree of January 6, 1995 in all its form and content as well as all administrative actions resulting

Article 2 – The ARMED FORCES OF HAITI are and remain remobilized from this date

Article 3- The Members of the ARMED FORCES OF HAITI, wherever they are, are urged to be make available to the new authorities.

By President Michel Joseph MARTELLY

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