Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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The President of the Special Commission in charge of analyzing the documents of the Prime Minister-designate; Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras, has announced yesterday that the report on the ratification of Dr. Garry Conille, which was to be ready early this week is postponed. The senatorial commission, unlike that of the lower house, which had made only a confirmation of signature with the institutions that issued the documents, of Dr. Conille ..., the Senate Commission wants to ensure in person that these are the institutions in question, who have issued them. Several Senators are questioning the authenticity of some documents...

Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras has explained the cause for this delay "...there are two documents that we have not yet verified. Until we have checked them, the report will not be ready. The report was supposed to be ready early this week as I said, but I'm sure that it will be ready by the end of the week... we want to check these documents..., we want to ensure that it is the institutions in question who have issued the documents: a certificate from the ONI and two certificates issued by the Town Hall of Petion-ville, and another by the Civil Court Registry.

[...] We can not say whether our report will be favorable or unfavorable. However, if section 157 of the Constitution is respected, if Article 11 of the Decree of 2005 is met; if 52.1 is respected, the report will likely be favorable. But, if there is one point, for one reason or another, which is not respected, the report will be unfavorable.

On the other hand, we needed explanations, on points which were a little obscure for us. On Saturday we were able to talk with a lawyer for Mr. Garry Conille, who gave us explanations. Another problem concerned the final tax declaration. We found that there were two different addresses. They put the address of the person who paid for him [Dr. Conille] above, and the address of the concerned is at the bottom [...] we talked with a specialist of the DGI, who said that it happens all the time. He showed us four or five other cases where this has happened..."

For his part, Senator Steven BenoƮt, is providing for a heated and contradictory debate in the Assembly during the session of ratification. There is no doubt that during the ratification vote, there will be pro, cons and likely abstentions.

President of the Senate, Senator Jean Rodolphe Joazile explained that for his part "...there is no contact with the Commission [...] we have only written contact when the Commission needs an expert [...] I do not go to the Commission to see what is happening. I'm just waiting until they send me the report [...] The Assembly will be convened 24 hours after the commission has sent me its report; because I want every Senator to have the report in hand, one day in advance..."

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