Monday, September 26, 2011

photos - yonel canal - part 4

This sign indicates an economic financing program for residents in the community. Selected families received a cheque of 10,000 gourdes ($250US). The purpose for this Red Cross funded program is that the money be used as a commerce program (selling items in the outside market) or paying for a trade school program. Used properly families can start to become self-sufficient.

The Red Cross is rebuilding/repairing canal walls and to enhance the canal further it will be covered with a cement walkway. In this way the watercan drain and garbage won't be dumped into the canal.
This temporary home is for rent. I don't blame the family for not wanting to live there. I wouldn't want to live next to a latrine either.
This photo shows the density of the neighborhood.... a series of corridors. There was no plan for vehicles and roadways when this "cite" was originally built.
Lots of rebar is being used for the canal cover. Certainly strong enough to support the weight of lots of people. Notice the house that has been patched up/repaired after the earthquake. I definitely wouldn't want to spend time in that house. It looks like a house of cards! It could easily shake apart in the next earthquake. Notice how bad the second floor looks.

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