Wednesday, September 28, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Senator Steven Benoit, considered until now as a personal friend of President Martelly, has publicly denounced and disowned him yesterday during a press conference for "...the excesses [of the President] that range from the violation of the Constitution to unilateral and suspect decisions" that have occurred these last 4 months.

Steven Benoit cited as an example:

- the President's decision to publish the results of elections in two constituencies, while the CEP had not given the results for these constituencies

- the non-publication of the amended constitution for over three months,

- the intention of the Head of State to form a Provisional electoral Council for a term of two years, while the amended Constitution provides for a permanent CEP,

- the dysfunction of the Court of Cassation where judges have yet to be named,

- the intention of the President to request a renewal of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) when he was campaigning against the IHRC during the elections,

- the irregular appointment of Directors-General and departmental delegates,

- the presentation exclusively to the international community of the plan for the establishment of a new national defense force,

- the establishment of funds for education outside the legal standards...

The friend of the President, was visibly disappointed at entering vehemently into the opposition, and his statements confirms the political break with the Head of State. "Yes, I am in the opposition because the country works very poorly. The situation is too serious. I am forced to break my silence".

"...Sunday to my astonishment, the President stated that he is the Electoral Council. Three months ago when they published the results of the elections for the deputies there were four deputies who were left out;... but after three months, rather than the President taking measures to hold new elections for the four constituencies [...] We find that an agreement has been made ... For four months, no one has taken care of these four constituencies; and suddenly the President knows who won. He decided that he will publish the results for two, and that he will leave the other two outside [...] I think that it's a serious mistake. It is not the President of the Republic who is a member of the CEP... It isis not the President who must decide for the people of these four constituencies who is supposed to be deputy [...]

The President campaigned against the IHRC. Everyone, or most of us agreed that the IHRC is a true "gagòt." The President said that 4 billion dollars had been wasted, now the President praises the IHRC and is preparing to request an automatic renewal of the Commission; while we know that the IHRC was issued an emergency law of 18 months [...] after 18 months, we can not say that the people are always in a hurry, and after 18 months and $ 4 billion, the people are always under tents! So today, it is necessary that somebody tell me what is the reason for the renewal of the IHRC [...]

...the Senate of the Republic passed a resolution calling for the departure of the Minustah, a gradual departure [...] the President traveled to NY to speak at the UN [...] and the Senators and Deputies, who are co-owner of the national sovereignty do not even know what the President will say on behalf of the Haitian people! We have done our duty. We have given clear messages. The people through us, have said that they did not want the Minuatah [...] it is time that these people leave, and that we have our own military..."

Concerning the Fund for Education, Steven Benoit regrets and questions "...All the countries have mentioned; all the consulates and experts have said, to have something like that. There must be a law, because the Constitution is clear... there are two entities that collect money for the country: the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) and the General Administration of Customs (AGD).

The President does not want to hear and see. He said that he will fund it himself with a group of people [...] Today we do not know how much money was collected on money transfers nd phone calls and we heard that the fund will pay for school... Again these are anomalies. It is a flagrant violation of the Constitution and the BRH has to come to explain,... the Court of Auditors should explain, how these people have allowed the President to make these abuses,... while I have heard that these funds are in an account in the BRH [...]

I told the President,... attention,.... the Senators were elected in the same way as you. Some of theme have been elected before, and when you will leave some will be still in power, ... so be careful [...]"

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