Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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The unanimous ratification of the Prime Minister-Designate, Dr. Garry Conille continues to provoke reactions among parliamentarians. Three Senators made statements yesterday on the subject.

For the Senator Evalière Beauplan (North West - PONT), the unanimous vote could one day turn against President Martelly "...the Chamber of deputies is independent of the Senate. They decided based on their reading of the situation, so it is democracy that has triumphed [...] when you get a unanimous vote, I think it is something that must disturb the sleep of Garry Conille; namely, that the responsibility that awaits him, is not a game... One morning, the Deputies of this majority, may also decide, if they are frustrated because their demands are not met [...] or if the agreement that Michel Martelly and Garry Conille have with these people does not work, to vote against the team of Michel Martelly or Garry Conille..."

Senator Jean William Jeanty (Nippes - KONBA) fierce opponent of the Prime Minister-Designate, is not surprised by this vote. He believes that the Senate will ratify Dr. Conille, but he hopes a surge of nationalism, a patriotic uprising that may guide them... "...I'm not surprised, I am not astonished at all of what happened. The proof.. I warned my colleagues... I told them that of the way they managed the first two candidates [...] that anyone who would be presented, they would find themselves in a situation where they would be forced to take it. I also say that what can happen is that the foreigners will enter in the debates in the same way they did during the presidential election; where it is them who gave the results. For me, the same causes produce the same effects.., this means, that the same groups and political parties are represented in both Houses; so I do not expect that there is too much change in the vote. Perhaps, as we say, the senators are an assembly of wise..., perhaps there will be a surge of nationalism, a patriotic uprising, which may guide them..."

For Senator Andris Riché (Grand Anse / Alternative), the Deputies have avoided the questions that could explain the presence of Dr. Garry Conille as a candidate for Prime Minister "...when you watch what happened in the Lower House, the Deputies have avoided all that could have brought questions to explain the presence of Mr. Conille as Prime Minister [...] Mr. Conille works for the United Nations, but he does not represent the Haitian people [...] I think there is a minimum ... the Parliament remains the last bastion of the national sovereignty. Mr. Conille is a Haitian, but Mr. Conille knows that any country lives with a Constitution..."

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