Saturday, September 24, 2011


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Yesterday, Thursday at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the park of equipments for heavy machinery in Léogâne, the ambassador of France in Haiti, Didier Le Bret spoke about the ratification of Dr. Garry Conille. "Listen, we rejoice like all the partners and friends of Haiti to see that the crisis or what appears to be a showdown between two legitimate institutions [seems to be resolved]; since the people have elected the parliament on one side, and on the other is the President. Therefore, now there is an obligation to compose, the President has chosen 2 candidates before the current one. They have not passed, but for the third candidate, we feel that it will be good, and we are encouraged.

I would not say that there is a tiredness among the donors, but there is a feeling of a little frustration at this moment; where we are looking forward, after a long electoral process that took almost nine months, we have a legitimate impatience in working with the new executive. Therefore, it's true that these delays are a little disturbing, but on the other hand, it is also the normal operations of an institution that is seeking...

I hope that the country will be able to get to work. We will have partners and we will finally be able to justify our presence in this country. Therefore, we wait at this time impatiently; even though the country has not stopped working, as you know the current affairs are executed by the outgoing government and President Martelly did not wait for a government to be active and launched a number of goals... universal education. The question of the camps is an issue that is extremely acute and painful, but it's true that he needs bureaucracy, he needs ministers, he needs public servants who takes action; and ourselves, we need partners in order to work with the government. I honestly believe that this is not the role of the friends of Haiti.. to give voting instructions. The only instruction that we can give is to enable the country to get back to work as soon as possible.

Now everyone is working... acting in good conscience. I believe the fact that the President traveled to New York for the United Nations General Assembly with the presidents of both chambers is a very strong signal. It shows that the country now is trying to unite all of its components in the respect of one to the other [...] it is a message that I think has reassured the international community; to see that the President respects the Parliament; is working with them [...] All that is encouraging and I think that it the end, will give the feeling that things are moving in Haiti..."

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