Sunday, September 25, 2011


(Haiti Libre) -

Following the speech of President Martelly, Friday at the rostrum of the United Nations, as part of the 20th plenary meeting of the Sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the former colonel Himmler RĂ©bu, leader of the Grand Rally for the Evolution of Haiti (GREH), responded that it was too diplomatic and lacked rigor and vigor.

"...The text was written by a senior diplomat, who knows maneuvering [...], saying things without saying them, specifying the positions without really specifying them. I think this was verty diplomatic text; very diplomatic on the issue of Haiti, on the issue of the Minustah, whose name was never mentioned, and an insidious form of response to the editorial in the New York Times on the issue of national security forces. [...] I had the impression during the second reading, to read internal criticism... I must also say that this text is very philosophical. The one who wrote that speech has a sense of philosophical questions. A text that has not undergone an internal criticism... for example the world will only be more beautiful when the I condemn and I accuse will be silent. I accuse and I condemn is a succession of non-opposable situations. On the contrary, they are concurrent; they come one after the other. I fail to see the two entities that have been put face to face, because just when you put two entities in opposition, there are two contrary reactions on the semantic level.

Concerning the content, I think that there was not a sufficiency of vigor in the announcement of the presidential positions, on the issue of the Minustah [...] and the issue of national security. I think it deserved both a diplomatic rigor but also a vigor. The idiomatic was too constant and too permanent and the statement was, according to me, too cautious..."

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