Monday, September 26, 2011

photos - hydrocephalus - part 2

Mother and child will be staying here at Coram Deo until October. Pray this child gets selected for surgery.
Here is a happy baby smiling post-surgery!
Claudine's baby had an operation in May and his head continued to grow. This time around he got a shunt. Claudine and her son are staying here at Coram Deo until the post-op evaluations are done next week. She is a young mother. Only 19 years old. She comes from the Cote de Fer area. Pray that her baby stays infection free.
It is amazing to see how quick the children recover from surgery. For some babies they start feeding the same day.
The nurses and personnel from Project Medishare instruct the mothers on how to look after their babies post-op and after they are discharged. When problems arise they are told to return to Bernard Mevs Hospital.

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