Monday, September 26, 2011

photos - yonel canal - part 3

Pray for all those who help these hydrocephalus children. Without their efforts these babies would live a painful, short life.
The British Red Cross is being very active in the neighborhood where our gatekeeper Yonel lives. His densely populated neighborhood suffered heavy damage during the earthquake. The Red Cross is basically planning to reconstruct the entire neighborhood. 750 homes will be constructed. The first priority is in repairing/constructing a drainage canal. This Red Cross engineer is checking the setup of rebar before a cement pour is made as a cover to the canal.
The Red Cross have constructed latrines in the neighborhood for people to use. This sign translated reads: " Clean hands is health. Keep the latrines clean. Always wash your hands with running water and soap."
This is one of the basic latrines that have been constructed through the neighborhood bordering the canal areas.
Sewage is colleceted in the barrels and then collected by sewage pumper trucks.

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