Monday, September 26, 2011

photos - hydrocephalus - part 1

It is good to see hydrocephalus surgeries happening more frequently. With a shorter interval in between surgical teams for some children it means the difference between life and death. This baby has a fairly large head but looks like she is resting comfortably sucking her thumb.
The mothers of hydrocephalus babies need to be strong. Society encourages them to abandon babies. This mother lovingly is feeding her baby one day after surgery.
With a surgery pressure is relieved on the brain. I always take lots of photos of these children. To see how these children advance and develop over the years is proof of how a brain can develop once pressure is relieved.
This spina bifida baby is now recovering here at Coram Deo. The ventriculoscopy procedure didn't resolve the hydrocephalus and he will need another surgery in October to install a shunt. Pray that the baby stays healthy and free of infection until then.
This young child has not had surgery yet but is very alert. This family comes from the countryside and the child was not selected for surgery in September.

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Leo said...

I have seen a baby with hydrocephalus and here in south africa johannesburg we don’t have the hydrocephalus association, maybe you can help.