Wednesday, February 10, 2010

photos - visitors - part 5

This World Food Programme depot was well stocked with humanitarian aid. We were loading up some cases of oil from the USA.

In our neighborhood there was quite a bit of destruction. The 1st floor of this house disappeared during the earthquake.

At this house 5 people died. 2 adult males and a baby were already removed from the rubble. Under the rubble in this area is a body.

The next door neighbor covered up an exposed body with a board so that he wouldn't have to look at it.
**WARNING - the following photo is graphic. If you don't want to see it scroll past it quickly.**

This body was "Manouchka". Apparently she was an American Resident that lived in New York. Her body was trapped by the pelvis area and over time animals fed on the body. These bones are what are left. Pray for all those lost here in Haiti.

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