Sunday, February 28, 2010

photos - various - part 5

While the focus here at Coram Deo was on repairs this week some of the medical people staying here helped by volunteering at General Hospital. International medical people have been working out of these tents which are in the courtyard of the hospital. The hospital buildings are not being used. Some of the buildings were damaged during the earthquake. This tent is one of the pediatric tents.

In this area is the emergency room and triage area.

Karen Bosma helped out one day in the orthopedics tent.

The United States military is providing security for the medical personnel working at the hospital.

While the focus was on repairs here at Coram Deo there were a couple of medical cases that needed attention. Yonel Glezile came back this week from the countryside with a bad skin infection on his leg. Karen, Angela and Chris checked him out and provided medications for his problems.

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