Sunday, February 21, 2010

photos - various - part 6

Walking throgh the Cite Aux Cayes area we noticed some military construction equipment.

Italian soldiers were working at demolishing the Fraternite school that had collapsed. This mission school looks like it will be rebuilt quickly to once again help children in the community with their education.

A couple of the italians were taking a break. They spoke some broken english.

The recent rains did not help the Delmas 31 bridge any. Bit by bit it is breaking and if it continues the bridge will be eventually impassable. Hopefully the government will make an attempt to repair it before it is completely destroyed by time and rains.

The workers hauling rubble from public sidewalks on the main road are moving the rubble to side streets. A mountain of rubble is collecting across the street from us. At least it is not in front of our house! The rubble removal process is very slow and the haitian government recently said it would take 3 years to remove all the rubble.

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