Sunday, February 14, 2010

photos - port - part 2

The US military is based in the port. They are organizing the port operations.

These 2 haitians are very entrepreneurial. They have a souvenir boat that goes along hoping to sell souvenirs to the military that are nearby.

They are pulling up to the dock. Rowboats work too in the harbor!

At least 100 metres of this pier have fallen into the harbor. In the distance is the end part that is still standing. This officer was explaining to us how the pier broke and what the navy divers are doing to repair and improve what is left. We are standing at the end of the first section of pier. No plans yet have been made to reextend the "disappeared" portion. Another 6 weeks of dive work needs to be done to complete this large repair project. The divers are getting sick. The harbor is polluted and it is probably like swimming in a toilet bowl. Pray for these navy divers as they go about their work.

The owner of the Nicholas ship went bankrupt and the crew is stuck on board. Maritime laws say that if the crew stays aboard for 1 year the ship is theirs. They will then probably sell it. The crew is all by themselves now on their little piece of pier.

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