Saturday, February 6, 2010

photos - help to people - part 1

We got a visit from Aimer Haiti and they brought with them donations of food and water for the people living in the yard and the people in Pastor Marcelin's church.

This haitian organization is proud to be able to help their own.

Aimer stands for Agir Ici, Maintenant Pour Reconstruire Haiti (Act Here Now for the Reconstruction of Haiti).

The food and water was carried in this dump truck. Everyone helped to unload the donations.

We stored everything in the living room. Our living room wall had the most earthquake damage in the house.

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Lisa said...

Once again, thank you for the update, Karen! We continue to pray for you! The highschool kids at Credo raised over $6,000 on Friday for Coram Deo. It's so good to see in your photos that help is coming in for you!