Friday, February 19, 2010

photos - teams - part 3

The medical team from Florida led by Jim and Debbie Hambrick of Christian Light Foundation arrived on Tuesday! They set up their supplies in the afternoon and the first clinic started Wednesday morning.

The new shelves mades organizing he medications easier.

We have 14 visitors staying here at Coram Deo. We out to Epi D'or to enjoy a hamburger and fries on Wednesday evening.

We are distributing the World Food Programme food and sharing it with some other missions who are not able to obtain food from them. Sister Fidelis from the Sisters of St. Francis visited. She is from Pestel. There are around 20,000 refugees from Port-au-Prince who moved out to the Pestel region. She is helping some of them with food.

We give the Lord thanks for all organizations working to feed the people affected by the earthquake.

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