Saturday, February 6, 2010

photos - help to people - part 2

The food and water donation from Aimer was distributed to the people. It is overwhelming how many people need food assistance. We help who we can.

It was Johnny's 20th birthday this week (with the red tank top)! We went to Epi D'or for a hamburger and french fries. I am glad that Epi Dor was not damaged by the earthquake.

Jonel's family is living under the rubble of their house. This opening is where they go inside to sleep. I told the mother that it was dangerous because of the aftershocks and she responded that there was no where else to go. She doesn't even own extra sheets to make a sheet tent. We were blessed with a donation of some family tents this week from Richard Holt and his team and brought the tent to her.

The next day the family had the tent up and are now enjoying their new home. They no longer have to live in the rubble of their home. We give the Lord thanks for people who donate tents to Haiti.

On a grassy area by the airport these tents appeared which were given to the refugees in that area. We don't know which organization donated these tents to the people. They are large and comfortable for the families.

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