Friday, February 12, 2010

photos - 1 month after quake - part 4

CES will need to rebuild. Pray that they will be able to reopen to help handicapped children once again.

The basketball court for wheelchair basketball is now a place for rubble.

We missed the St. Vincent School for the Handicapped because it wasn't how I last remembered. Someone showed me where it was. I didn't recognize it because the entire front section was destroyed.
** GRAPHIC - the following photo is graphic. If you don't want to see it scroll past it. **
There are still bodies downtown as well. This individual is in the collapsed St. Vincent Handicapped School. Pray for the St. Vincent's organization, that they may rebuild and continue to be a force in helping handicapped children here in Haiti.

Healing Hands suffered damage as well during the earthquake. Every institution for the handicapped needs to be rebuilt. On the Healing Hands compound this 5 story building completely collapsed. 2 individuals who worked for the UN died in this building. It was ironic but we saw a couple of Architectural Digest books beside the rubble. Healing Hands is working together with Handicap International to continue to help the handicapped. They are not giving up.

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