Wednesday, February 10, 2010

photos - visitors - part 3

Somebody told us to go to the airport area, to the "UN cluster" area to find the World Food Programme. We did and they sent us to where the UN was and not where the humanitarian aid groups are based. I don't think we were supposed to be in this area but we pretended we knew where we were. We saw a building marked cafeteria and ate a good meal in an air conditioned building. This was a nice break. Karen Bosma is standing in the background. She met a friend with FAO who she had met while living in Haiti.

Finally we found out where we should have been and went over to the UNICEF tent. They gave us a list of medical supplies that we were eligible to requisition. This is a great contact!

This is the On-Site Operations Co-Ordination tent (OSOCC); this is the hub of the humanitarian wheel and shows where UN relief activities are taking place.

While wandering in the UN area we passed some soldiers from Japan.

This sure looks like a tourist photo! but we were working. We made a lot of helpful contacts for the future today. It is overwhelming with the needs that there is in Haiti right now. I am glad to have company in our activities here at Coram Deo.

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