Friday, February 19, 2010

photos - teams - part 1

Rob and Jim heaved and pulled for a couple of hours to move the diesel up the stairwell to the roof. It was no easy task! The generator weighs around 700 pounds!

They made it to the roof with no major incidents except at the end. The other guys were keeping tension on the rope stopping the generator from sliding back down the stairwell and the rope held until the generator got on the roof. That is when it broke!

We give the Lord thanks that there were no injuries. If there was a right time for the rope to break it was when the generator was already on the roof. Chris is holding the broken ends of the rope.

These are the members of the first team to arrive! Chris, Angela, Karen Bosma, Rob and Jim!

Rob and Jim did not have return plans. They were able to get one of the outgoing flights at the airport with people who wanted to leave the country. Travel plans always find a way of falling into place with the teams who made efforts to come to help Haiti in the post-earthquake relief efforts.

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Kathy said...

Karen, can you please give me your "exact" location in Port au Prince. I am traveling there in two weeks and wondered if we might stop by for a quick conversation.

Kathy Brawley
Reliv Kalogris Foundation