Friday, February 19, 2010

photos - teams - part 5

It is tough in the refuge camps for babies and the elderly. This woman was living at a small camp at the end of our street. Her abdomen was swollen. We brought her to Hopital La Paix on Delmas 22 and a doctor from Nicaragua treated her. She was released the next day and died in the camp one day later. Pray for all those living in the camps.

Some of the people who incurred fractures during the earthquake receive follow-up care at the Medecins Sans Frontiers tent Hospital located on the soccer field of St. Louis de Gonzague.

First clinic day that was held a lady came in who had been hemoraging. Her blood levels were low and she was very weak. We brought her to the University of Miami/Project Medishare tent hospital at the airport and she received a blood transfusion and medical care. She is now doing better.

This 2-year-old girl can not walk because of malnutrition. Sheri Fausey of Christian Light Mission and her staff are looking after her until her condition improves.

She lives in Cite Soleil. Pastor Ramon brought her to the clinic.

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