Tuesday, February 9, 2010

photos - life goes on - part 4

The women are the hardest working people in haitian society. This woman is trying to earn money by selling some fried food within the St. Louis Gonzague refuge camp.

At the Henfrasa fitness center, there is a refuge camp. By the children's playground is a Swiss Red Cross tent which serves as a dispensary.

The soccer field is packed with tents, before the tenst were sheet tents but now that the humanitarian aid machine is rolling many people are now living in tents.

At the soccer field on Delmas 31 near our home we spoke with some American military personnel. They were proud that they were able to provide the people taking refuge on the soccer grounds tents. One organization that they are partnering is called "Shelter Box" .

Nayka is a young girl who is a relative of Jn. Eddy's. Everyone here at Coram Deo has families who are now living on the streets or in refuge camps. Nayka has been staying here with her mother.

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