Saturday, February 6, 2010

photos - help to people - part 4

Love a Child is a large mission in Fond Parisien. Their response to the earthquake relief effort was to set up a mobile hospital staffed by volunteer medical personnel. Patients with serious injuries were sent to hospitals in the Dominican Republic by ambulance or helicopter and then returned to Haiti for post-op care. The Dominican Republic has helped many haitians in this way with free medical care.

There are many tents set up in the large yard.

All that space is needed to treat the many wounded from Port-au-Prince.

One of the refuge families in our yard has a 15-year-old son who may have lymphatic cancer or possibly tuberculosis. He was coughing a lot and we brought him out to Love a Child on Thursday and again on Friday to be evaluated. They kept him there. We don't know at this time if he has been transferred out to the Dominican Republic for medical treatment. Please keep Woody in prayer that we can find out what is wrong with him and if there is treatment for his problems.

This young girl had a serious wrist injury during the earthquake. She was one of the patients treated at the mobile clinic held by Dr. Karen McCarthy's medical team in Petionville. Her mother is staying at Love a Child with her while she recovers from her injuries. Pray that she will have full use of her wrist and hand.

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