Wednesday, April 21, 2010

photos - st. louis refuge camp - part 3

On Delmas 31 the Tele/Radio Guinen station was destroyed in the earthquake. The rubble has now been removed and a new structure built of wood is in place.

Behind the tele/radio station is the St. Louis de Gonzague school grounds which is now a refuge camp. Tents cover all the open space areas on the large grounds.

People have settled into life in a tent community.

This young girl was walking with her mother. She wasn't happy to see me and was a little scared.

We also met Tyra Leigh Ladouceur and her mother. Her brother Youby has hemiplegia on one side and is a sponsor student of Adoration Christian School. They had sponsored him to attend St. Vincent's school for the handicapped. The earthquake destroyed the school and now Youby is attending our school program at Coram Deo for the time being. It is good to see missions co-operating to help the haitian people!

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