Sunday, April 4, 2010

photos - medical clinic - part 4

Kervens Peltro, the boy in the blue t-shirt is a mentally handicapped student in our program here at Coram Deo. His grandfather came with him to the clinic to see the team. He is a sweet old man who is thankful that Kervens can go to school.

This man with the red shirt and hat came with his godchild. The father is on the right. The mother died during the earthquake. This man is very polite and thankful for care that is given to his family. He lost 5 family members in the earthquake and has nightmares every evening.

This boy was injured in the earthquake when falling cement fell on his ankle and broke it. He gets the cast off in another week. He is doing well and lives in a refuge camp near Sherri's house.

A young woman came with a 3 day old baby. She explained to Dr. Karen that the mother had no breast milk.

Dr. Karen made a "tent call"! We went down the street to the refuge camp that was set up on the Delmas 31 soccer field. The tent is made out of pieces of plastic and you can see the bed is not much to speak of. When the rains come this will all turn to mud. We are going to bring the family one of the tents that we recently took down on our property. Pray for all the "tent babies" being born and for health and safety for mother and child.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. I cried for the man who has nightmares. I used to have 3 nightmares each night as an adult from having been severely abused as a child. So I've been praying all along for those with nightmares related to the quake. I love the mural and although I'd never heard it worded that way I love it because it is what I tried to do each night I dreaded going to sleep. I hope and pray the man will be able to fall into God's arms with each nightmare, and cling to God as I did. He is loved.