Tuesday, April 14, 2009

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part 2

Meghann Larrieux is a baby girl from the Cayes area. After her surgery the one side of her head is sunken in. Depending where the blockage is each child's head is different. She also has an orthopedic problem which will need to be fixed.

This baby girl is playing a couple of days after surgery. She is bright-eyed and doing well!

When infants have surgery at an early age their prognosis is better than infants with a larger head circumference. This baby is doing well after surgery.

Here is another bright-eyed baby!

With pressure off the brain bones of the skull are no longer pushed outwards. You can see the large open fontanel in the picture. This is caused by pressure in the brain. Over time the skull will close over the open fontanel.

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